Robinson Pipe Cleaning, Co. specializes in a full array of specialized maintenance services.

These services include chemical cleaning, digester cleaning, hydro-blast cleaning (up to 20,000 psi), hydro-vac excavating, oil spill cleanup, sewer cleaning, sewer TV inspection, tank/pit cleaning and wet/dry vacuuming.

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Using the latest CCTV equipment and reporting methods, we can provide unmatched quality, flexibility and reliability in sewer inspection.

Previously, pipelines filled with murky water have not been inspected due to the high cost and potential downtime involved with the process. These types of pipes can now be inspected using high-resolution sonar units.

The Sonar Profiler is designed to provide accurate dimensional data on debris level, grease accumulation, pipe deformation, etc, below the waterline.

Full range of sewer cleaning services using equipment capable of 30 gpm to 360 gpm. Our sewer cleaning services include High Velocity Jetting, Power Bucketing and Root Removal.

Our combination digital television inspection/sewer joint sewer joint sealing service provides a guaranteed solution to the problem of excessive infiltration.

It’s a practical, fast and economical “no-dig” solutions for pipes with partial structural deterioration and/or distortion, interior corrosion, settling, misalignment and cracking.

Our manhole rehabilitation specialists can solve your manhole infiltration/inflow problems; restoring your structures to "better than new" condition in less time than it would take to replace them — and for a fraction of the cost.

Our hydro-blast cleaning is the ideal method for cleaning internal as well as external areas, flat or irregularly shaped surfaces, and for getting at those places that, in the past, were almost impossible to reach, let alone clean.

Our custom-built vacuum vehicles can quickly cleanup the toughest, dirtiest material, no matter where it’s located. Our fleet of vacuum vehicles includes those equipped with hydraulic sludge pumps and vacuum roll-off equipment that allow cost-effective simultaneous vacuuming and offloading of material.

Did You Know

Carylon Corporation’s equipment resources are vast, with an excess of 1100 rolling pieces of equipment and over 1000 employees. Robinson Pipe Cleaning, Co. also has dedicated equipment that is available for immediate use from our locations.

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As an experienced service provider, we are geared to perform 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call our 24 hour dispatch service at 800.553.4690

Carylon companies use the coding and grading of pipe and manhole defects in sewer systems and operator certification standards as set forth in the NASSCO Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP).*

*The Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) was jointly developed by NASSCO and the Water Research Centre (WRC) to create a national standard for the coding and grading of pipe and manhole defects in sewer systems, and the certification of individuals for the PAC Program application.