Sewer system maintenance. Digital CCTV inspection. Hydro excavation.

Robinson Pipe Cleaning, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania offers a full line of municipal and industrial cleaning services. As part of the Carylon Corporation, a nationwide collection of 14 best-in-class companies, we have vast resources, expertise, and decades of experience to get the toughest jobs done right.

Experts take on every challenge

With Robinson Pipe Cleaning, you know who’ll be working on every project: the best of the best. That’s why municipalities, utilities and industrial companies turn to us to solve today’s growing environmental challenges.

Complete pipeline of services

Robinson Pipe Cleaning is your complete resource for environmental infrastructure maintenance.

Strong local provider

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with an office in Louisville, Kentucky, Robinson Pipe Cleaning is uniquely positioned to serve customers throughout the state and beyond. Contact us to learn more about our broad reach.

Proven real-world results

We have a long track record of success providing the expertise, equipment, technology and trained field force to quickly, safely and reliably handle any project. See how Robinson Pipe Cleaning is making a difference where it matters most: in tough, gritty, demanding, real-world applications.

Getting it done right - guaranteed

Robinson Pipe Cleaning performs the most comprehensive environmental infrastructure maintenance services throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. And then we back up every single project with a guarantee unmatched in the industry:

You must be completely satisfied or you pay absolutely nothing for our services.

Are you up for the challenge?

We’re looking for just the right candidates to rebuild our country’s environmental infrastructure. Join our team. Check out our Careers Center to find out what openings are available.